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Live@Yellow Cab

Messages from Midway

Nicely done!  You found your way here even though the wind knocked down the entrance sign. 

That’s just further proof that following intuition always produces interesting results.  Of course, you don’t want to confuse your intuition with those voices in your head.  Some of those voices aren’t even your own thoughts, they were put there by someone else.  We can help sort that out.

We've got a haunted algorithm, a 2000 pound groundhog, a giant ball of twine, and the last really tough minded thinking within ten clicks.  Come on in for the podcasts, or come on by to be there live.

Next Live Show: April 8, 2018 - 7:30ish

In 1995 a group of artists in Indianapolis created a one hour radio show called Roadside Attraction. The program was syndicated nationally on the Fine Arts Network.  When we first heard of the release of the Real Audio Player in a news story, we moved very quickly and got Roadside Attraction on line at, which happened to be owned by Mark Cuban and was the site he sold that made him a billionaire.  For a while the only things streaming online were Roadside Attraction and Newt Gingrich's weekly address.  You might say we were the original podcasters.

23 years later, a group of artists in Dayton, OH is creating Season Two.

Roadside Attractions.jpg
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