Spooky Action at a Distance

OK, here's the deal.  If you have two entangled particles and make a state change to one of them, the other will change states simultaneously.  Even if they are so far apart that information about the change would have to exceed the speed of light to achieve simultaneity, the change is simultaneous.  Einstein called the "Spooky Action at a Distance".  We invite you to think about that for the rest of your life, or if you'd rather hear wisdoms from a 2000 Pound Groundhog, music from The American Landscape and Mini Bingo, poetry from Bill Mooney and Joe Kreiss.  You can begin at the beginning with Chapter One from "The Last Summer Ball at the Cosmos" a novel in progress from Scott Millsop, who also doubles as Dimmy Jean.


Paige Beller - Sharon Lane - Matt Byanski - Red Baumgardner - Khryss Blank - Erich Reith

Rich Reuter - Marceia Cornwell - Don Winegar - Debbie De Casio - Scott Millsop

Windsor Knotts - Hannah Peterangelo - April Angel - Scott Barker

Josh Singleton, Bobby Tewksbury, Zack Stickle, Rob Graves

Tod Weidner - Georgia Goad - Kyleen Downes - Sue Miller

John Dubuc - Bryan Lakotas - ​Todd the Fox - Queen Victoria

Harmonica Neil - The American Landscape - Thaddeus Williams

Keith Lykins - Greg Mahan - Dennis Rotterman - Daniel Dye

Anna Baugham - Pam Baugham - Charlie Parker

Nelson Florek - Ander Florek

Charles Hartman - Hot Flash


Scott Millsop - Molly Millsop - Mark Jeffers

Paula Unrau - Bill Mooney - Michelle Allen

Tara Moore - Sarah Gomes - Kara Fark

scOtt summit - Dr. Susan Kelly - Paschal DeAloia - Khryss Blank

Bridget Flaherty - Mark Coogan - Rich Hitchcock


Scott Millsop

Musical Director & General Dogsbody:

Windsor Knotts


Jeff Opt

Windsor Knotts

Eric Dornsife

Recording/Post Production:

Jeff Opt

Charlie Parker/Visitor 29

Scott Millsop


Charlie Parker - Molly Millsop - Rich Hitchcock

Video Producer, Director, Operator, Editor

Brandon Berry


Scott Millsop

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