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    2020 Vision: Welcome to the Post-Information Age

    October 11, 2020

    2020 Vision means that you can see clearly and the year 2020 has made it possible to see many unfortunate and unfair things that were perfectly obvious all along.  We have always treasured information but now there is such a glut of it that it has become almost meaningless. And yet we still aspire.  Maybe something great is about to happen.

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    The Last Summer Ball

    at the Cosmos

    A Visit from The Dragon

    Sept. 13, 2020

    "Maps used to say 'There be Dragons here'.  Maps don't say that now.  But that doesn't mean there are no dragons" - Lorne Malvo.

    Darkness settled over the midway.  Roadside Attraction had a visit from a dragon.  The same viral dragon that visited everywhere on Earth.  It brought whiskey for kids and toxic ideas.  We social distanced.  We sought philosophical distance too.  We considered distant learning and swapping in quantum masks instead of month after month of lockdown.  When none of that worked we sought shelters which soon caught on fire, as variously reported herein. 

    The road to the attraction takes a strange turn this month.  Different sounds and other approaches are seen and heard, but it's the same happy gathering of words and music.  Debbie DeCassio is our guest.  She sang  "Can't think.  Can't do.  Can't be...responsible."  The next day the pandemic came.

    Life...Is a State of Mind

    February 2020

    Brandon Berry is our musical guest.  He is usually handling the video part of the project, including running the camera, but he handed off a bit of that while he's performing.  One of the songs he sings is "I Gutted My VCR".  That explains a lot.  In this show several things explain a lot.  Bill Mooney's take on the word Yum is something to aspire to.  Bill and Erich Reith did a drum and poetry jam that effectively balanced the stated attempt to balance which actually led to imbalance.  Dude!  Khryss Blank is back!  Thaddeus played sweet music.  The Cosmos piece went off to an island in Arizona after witnessing an ant invasion.  Someone shouted "It's everywhere.  It's everywhere".  We edited that out.


    Some Dance to Forget
    January 17, 2020

    Conferring with the Flowers, Consulting with the Rain

    It's pretty clear that we're at the end of an era.  Less apparent - but perfectly obvious - we are at the beginning of a new era.  These things get murky.

    But we are happy to celebrate both endings and beginnings, so we do.  Dimmy Jean performs the last holiday song.  The cast at The Last Summer Ball at the Cosmos is up to 7 this time and it's pretty psychedelic.  That Williams shows us what it means to be present.  The Roadside Hobo Band swapped instruments with fun results.  Bill Mooney offered reassurance and Michelle Allen delivered an angry poem.

    More than once we've reassured a guest artis by saying, "Well, at least you don't have to follow Sharon Lane."  This time we turned it around and gave Sharon a tough act to follow.

    Conferring with the Flowers, Consulting with the Rain

    December 11, 2019


    For most of us music and literature types, December is a time to avoid nature and the great outdoors.  We mostly prefer fires, comforters, hot chocolate and that sort of thing.  But we thought we'd take a moment to consider wildflowers in winter.  The Roadside Hobo Band does just that.  The women's voice in Vivian blend beautifully.  Visit the Live at Yellow Cab site to hear that.  Marceia Cornwell borros Hanna Peterangelo from Vivian to join him on violin.  Dimmy has a product to cure anxiety.  Bill Mooney spoke of windows on the soul and on the world.  Maynard Beverly hit the road in Chapter Two of Scott Millsop's "Last Summer Ball at the Cosmos".

    Dammit, It Does Matter

    April 25, 2019

    The Attraction is really stron in April.  It's whimsical for a moment and philosophical for a time.  The music can be comedy, cut it can also rock and it can ask questions.  It visits the Phillippines then takes a blues break.  Maybe the important thin is that - despite the mad havoc of the moment - we stand firm on affirmation.  Dammit, it DOES Mattter.

    March Madness Takes its Toll

    March 10, 2019

    Roadside Attraction is an American thing.  And for most of America, March is a grim, soggy, temperature fluxing annoyance.  That's why we had to invent March Madness.  For fans, the basketball tournament is everything that March is not.  It's thrilling, captivating, exhilerating, heartbreaking, thought-provoking and memorable.  For fans of the final team, it's the thrill of a lifetime and when it's all over - it's Spring!

    Georgia Goad has a voice like that first spring day.  She's our guest.  Kyleen Downs joined the Roadside Band on lead guitar and she can make a great tone.  Marceia Cornwell found a lowdown groove with guest drummer Don Winegar.  Matt Bayansky and Red Baumgardener delivered a big duet.  Hanna Peterangelo, as always, conjures up another American place with sweet women in independent stances.  Paschal DeAloia joined Scott Millsop in Charlieville for a discussion of drinking and driving.  Dimmy Jean Products announced a new company.  Paula Unrau delivered a thoughtful take on metaphorical landscapes.  The poet Bill Mooney left us with a lovely image of a cello at sea.  

    Give it all a listen.  You'll have more than one experience.

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