Paige Beller

    Sharon Lane

    Matt Byanski

    Red Baumgardner

    Khrys Blank

    Rich Reuter

    Eric Reith

    Marceia Cornwell

    Windsor Knotts

    Hannah Peterangelo

    Tod Weidner

    Georgia Goad

    Kyleen Downes

    Don Winegar

    Sue Miller

    John Dubuc

    Bryan Lakotas

    ​Todd the Fox

    Queen Victoria

    Harmonica Neil

    The American Landscape

    Thaddeus Williams

    Keith Lykins

    Greg Mahan

    Dennis Rotterman

    Daniel Dye

    Anna Baugham

    Pam Baugham

    Charlie Parker

    Nelson Florek

    Ander Florek

    Charles Hartman

    Hot Flash


    Scott Millsop

    Mark Jeffers

    Molly Millsop

    Paula Unrau

    Bill Mooney

    scOtt summit

    Dr. Susan Kelly

    Paschal DeAloia

    Bridget Flaherty

    Mark Coogan


    Scott Millsop

    Musical Director:

    Windsor Knotts


    Jeff Opt

    Windsor Knotts

    Eric Dornsife

    Recording/Post Production:

    Charlie Parker/Visitor 29

    Scott Millsop


    Charlie Parker

    Molly Millsop


    Scott Millsop




    Music and SpokenWordWorks.

    Roadside Attraction is a live show that is recorded and published as both

    an audio podcast and YouTube video.

    We're on Summer Vacation.  Check back for more info.

    July 2019 Edition

    All in a Day

    It's a cool drink of ideas and music.  Click the Podbean Button to Hear it.


    June  2019 Edition

    The Name of the Place is I Like it Like That

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    Video Coming Soon (Not)

    Once I was asked, "What is the most important thing in a job?"  I answered "You need to be able to say, 'Whoops.  That didn't work.'"

    If you can say "Whoops, that didn't work" it means you're working in a creative setting where it is OK to experiment, take chances, and where things are not very judgmental.  It generally means that the life isn't drained out of your work by an insistence that planning is more important than serendipity, improvisation and passion.

    So, uh, about the video for this show: Whoops.

    May 2019 Edition

    Contents Under Pressure: Do Not Puncture or Incinerate.

    Our Mission Statement is to create a series of AHA! Moments.

    The May show accomplishes the mission with an unreeling of powerful performances, one after another.

    You have to pay attention, this is foreground sound.

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    Paige Beller was our guest for a song in the middle of the May show but that was just setting the stage.  She stayed to headline the Live At Yellow Cab show.  If you like your music to be more like a crime scene, follow the Podbean link below.  This women is is high potency.  And she brought her friends Zack Frost and Chase Duncan to throw down some storyteller songwriting.

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    April 2019 Edition

    Dammit, it DOES Matter

    The Attraction is really strong in April.  It's whimsical for a moment and philosophical for a time.  The music can be comedy, but it can also rock and ask questions.  It visits the Phillippines then takes a blues break.  Maybe the important thing is that - despite the mad havoc of the moment - we stand firm on affirmation.  Dammit, it does matter.

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    Dimmy Jean Products

    Make 'merica Eat Meat Again!


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    ______________________________________________ March 2019 Edition

    March Madness Takes Its Toll

    March is the month when winter just wears you out.  It was necessary to do something uplifting to get through it all.  So we invited Georgia Goad and she brought her old band mate Kyleen Downes and they were able to summon an early spring.

    Click on this picture to go to a YouTube page where you can see and hear the show.

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    Click to get the Roadside Attraction Podcast of this show and past shows from Podbean.

    Media Services

    Guest Musicians at Roadside Attraction also play full sets called Live at Yellow Cab. 

    Sometime in March you'll step outside and the air will be sweet, the light will be beautiful and there will be springtime sounds.  Georgia Goad Live at Yellow Cab is that moment.

    Georgia Goad - Live at Yellow Cab

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    Click to get this show and other Live @ Yellow Cab Podcasts from Podbean.


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    Click to get this show and other Live @ Yellow Cab Podcasts from Podbean.

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    Here is an intimate evening with a great artist and performer, having a good time and passing the the soul and knowledge along.  You'll want to pay attention.   There's something here for you.

    This is foreground audio.

    January 2019 Edition

    Sometimes Sharon Lane is a hurricane force.  Here she shows an easy touch.  Khrys Blank balances that with some deep soul. Windsor Knotts has a new take on an old classic and it delivers the message.  Matt Byanski and Red Baumgardner (Mini Bingo) front the Roadside Attraction band of Rich Reuter, Eric Reith, and Marceia Cornwell.  Hannah Peterangelo jumped on stage too. Dimmy Jean has bad advice for dinner guests.  Paula Unrau mulls over big ideas and Scott Millsop learns that something that should have happened did not happen.  Mark Jeffers and Molly Millsop walk us around in circles.  You might wind up right back where you started but if you think you're the same you're not paying attention.

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    Roadside Attraction is an AHA! Production

    Click Here for links to past performances.

    Reach us at

    February 2019 Edition


    Move Along Now, Keep Movin'

    We had the great good luck to host Todd Weidner on his way out of town.  He left us with a memorable performance.  Everybody stepped up their game for this one.


    Todd Weidner - Live at Yellow Cab

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